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Whether your project is a hotel, an office park, or that home workshop you’ve always wanted, we help you find the most efficient, cost-effective PTAC unit for you. Use our calculator to help you figure out the exact size unit you need, based on room size/square footage.

Here are some resources and ideas for using a PTAC unit in your space:

Test the Freon Level in Your PTAC Unit– save time and money with this simple freon test. When issues come up, knowing what’s wrong is half the solution.

Cleaning Your PTAC unitР Extend the life of your unit with basic maintenance.

Coil Cleaner: Cleaning a PTAC with a HEPA Vacuum

Amana PTAC Tour– take a look inside the Amana facility to see how their units are constructed.

Installing a PTAC Unit– here’s a brief video guide to sliding a new PTAC unit into an already-installed wall sleeve. This is not intended to be an official installation video, just a helpful guide.





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