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Why should I buy from
Simple. We can save you money. PTAC units are one of the largest maintenance expense items. If you are calling your local HVAC company, they could be charging you double our pricing. We can beat the price of those big direct distributors too.

I want to replace my Carrier, Sanyo or Trane PTAC unit. Why can’t I find one?
At the end of 2009, Carrier announced that they are getting out of the PTAC business and no longer offer units for sale. Trane and Sanyo also exited the PTAC business in the last several years. Any units you do see for sale are older inventory and take R22 refrigerant (not the new R410A refrigerant).

What is R410A Refrigerant? My current units are R22 refrigerant units.
R22 refrigerant is being phased out by EPA government mandate for the more environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant. However, R410A is not a new technology. It has been around for use in HVAC systems for more than a decade. No PTAC unit manufactured after January 1, 2010 contains R22 refrigerant. If you would like to learn more click here for a link to an EPA flier on the topic.

What’s the difference between an Electric Resistance Heater (Heat Strip) or a Heat Pump PTAC unit?
A PTAC provides warm air through an electric resistance heater (heat strip). A PTHP is a packaged terminal heat pump. A PTHP uses its compressor year round to heat or cool. In warm weather, it efficiently captures heat from inside your room and pumps it outside for cooling. In cool weather, it captures heat from outdoor air and pumps it into your room, adding heat from electric heat strips as necessary to efficiently provide heat. When the temperature is 38 degrees Fahrenheit or lower the unit switches to heat strip to provide heat.

Ok. Now that I understand the difference between an Electric Resistance Heater (Heat Strip) and a Heat Pump, which should I buy? Which is most energy efficient?
The answer is it depends on the climate you are located in. Generally, a heat pump is a more energy efficient choice but they are 10-20% more money for the cost of the unit.

Can I replace my unit with a different brand?
Yes! The simplest approach is to just replace the PTAC unit itself. Almost all ALF properties built since the 1970’s have the same standard size shroud or wall sleeve (42″ wide, 16″ high, and 13 3/4″ deep). If you have this size, you can usually pick from any of today’s modern brands. If you desire, you can replace the wall sleeve and grill as well but this involves more work. This can be a good option if you want to upgrade the look of your PTAC units on the exterior or want to change colors.

How do I install my unit?
Please see Installation Support on the left menu. (Hint: It’s pretty easy.)

What does PTAC stand for?

PTAC is an acronym for Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner. PTAC units allow for climate control in individual rooms such as Assisted Living Facilities, garages, workshops, hotel rooms, and any room that needs individual climate control. A PTAC unit slides into a shroud or sleeve and simply plugs into a wall outlet.